Our patent application has been filed for 2020 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Modular robotic crawler with hybrid locomotion for inspection of small diameter pipe


A modular pipe – crawling robot for in – pipe maintenance operations in aspects of the present disclosure may have one or more of the following features : ( a ) at least two locomotion modules , ( b ) each module has feet which can extend out ward to grip a wall of a pipe while simultaneously reducing its length or disengaging its feet from the inner wall while increasing its length , ( c ) a gear mechanism built into mechanical linkage , wherein each module’s feet are held perpendicular with respect to the inner wall of the pipe , and ( d ) a joint coupling the at least two modules .


Hillard, Rutan-Bedard, and Fekrmandi Hadi. Pending. Modular Robotic Crawler with Hybrid Locomotion for Inspection of Small Diameter Pipe. US Patent 953,237, filed Nov. 19, 2020, Pending.
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Pager Author: Samuel Irwin, Bachelors Student of Mechanical Engineer, SDSMT

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