Our paper was published in ‘Proceedings of the 2020 USCToMM Symposium on Mechanical Systems and Robotics’.

Validation of Vision-Based State Estimation for Localization of Agents and Swarm Formation


In this paper, the feasibility of using a vision-based fiducial system is evaluated to provide state estimation for agents within a swarm. We used ArUco markers for relative pose estimation and conducted an experiment for validation of the performance, the accuracy of estimations, and reliability of the method. The ultimate goal is to develop an approach for guidance, control, and navigation of a swarm of CubeSat agents in the space where GPS positioning is unreliable (e.g., proximity formation flying missions in low earth orbit). We demonstrated the feasibility of the method for a three-agent swarm and validated the results obtained for relative position and attitude estimation.


Fekrmandi, Hadi, Skye Rutan-Bedard, Alexander Frye, Randy Hoover, P. Larochelle, and J. M. McCarthy. “Validation of vision-based state estimation for localization of agents and swarm formation.” In Springer, pp. 216-224. 2020. DOI Link

Page Author: Samuel Irwin, BS student Mechanical Engineering, SDSMT

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