Academic Product Development Process:

This article discusses the 11 steps for structuring a science paper that follows the IMRAD format, which responds to the questions below:

  • Introduction: What did you/others do? Why did you do it?
  • Methods: How did you do it?
  • Results: What did you find?
  • And
  • Discussion: What does it all mean?” [Sources Elsevier]

Workshop on Team Collaboration using Jira Software:

“The scrum framework enables software teams to manage complex projects by creating a culture of collaboration. The Jira scrum board is the tool that unites teams around a single goal and promotes iterative, incremental delivery.” [Source: Atlassian]

Laboratory Safety Training:
All research assistants are required to obtain the proper training prior to having access and using equipment in research laboratory to comply with South Dakota Mines Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) regulations.

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